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Once again Switzerland has a national theater festival for young audiences!

For a number of years, professional theater artists–especially in the German language region of Switzerland–have lacked a nationally and internationally recognized platform for presenting their work. The last of the Schweizer Theaterfestival SPOT für junges Publikum (Swiss Theater Festival SPOT for Young Audiences) biennials (starting in 1999) for professional children’s and youth theater took place in 2012 in Biel.
Now the jungspund–Theater Festival for Young Audiences St.Gallen will fill this lack. For ten days national and international productions will be presented, expressing the latest developments in terms of content and aesthetics. The program is intended equally for children, youth, young adults, and families. We would like to bring people from different generations together and to enable stimulating theater experiences and encounters. This first run of the Festival series will present exclusively Swiss groups and individual artists.
A fringe program with workshops and discussions complements the Festival theater works. In addition, the Festival center at Lokremise not only provides opportunities of getting to know and exchange with others, but also to celebrate.
An aim of jungspund is that the Festival will assume an established place in promoting the range of offers for theater for young audiences in Switzerland and achieve national and international recognition.
The Festival is produced by the «Verein Junge Szene Schweiz» (Young Swiss Scene Non-Profit Association) and is planned to take place bi-annually in St. Gallen.